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Science, Technology and Innovation Studies



Science and technology pervade all aspects of modern life. Think of the impact of vaccines, mobile phones, jet travel or the internet on how we interact with one another and understand own place in society. How have theories of natural selection, advances in quantum physics, synthetic biology or new medical theories and technologies changed the way we see ourselves? How have the politics of climate change influenced the science of climate change? Scholars in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies tackle such thorny issues. We seek to answer the big questions about how societies both influence and are influenced by science, medicine and technology.

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Dr Eugénia Rodrigues taking part in Pint of Science event in Edinburgh

Dr Rodrigues will be giving a talk on "How citizens are transforming science as we (used to) know it" on 16th May at Moriarty's Bar,

Tim Squirrel wins EUSA student tutor award

Tim Squirrell, a PhD student in Science, Technology, and Innovation Studies, has won the 2017 EUSA Teaching Award for the Best Student Who Tutors.

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Jun 05 Speaker: Daisy Ginsberg # Royal College of Art BETTER 15:30 (1 hour and 30 minutes) 1.06 Old Surgeons' Hall

A bonus STIS seminar