Completed PhDs

Below is a list of our past PhD students and their thesis titles, which are linked to our online library.

Name Year PhD Title
Jim Baker 2019 'Suitable and Sufficient'? UK Regulation of Post-construction Fire Safety.
Justyna Bandola Gill 2019 Between Autonomy and Engagement: Interpreting and Practising Knowledge Exchange in UK Academia.
George Papamichail 2019 The implementation challenge of smart specialisation innovation strategies in catch-up regions: The role of institutions, governance and capacity building.
Hung The Nguyen 2019 The Dynamics of Expectations & Linked Ecologies: A case study of the Copyright Hub.
Daniel Thorpe 2019 Unbundling 'Indigenous Space Capability': Actors, Policy Positions and Agency in Geospatial Information Science in Southwest Nigeria.
Xiaona Wang 2019 'Though their Causes be not yet discover'd': Occult Principles in the Making of Newton's Natural Philosophy.
Chihwei Yeh 2019 Particle Physics in Public: Legitimising Curiosity-driven Research on the Higgs Boson and beyond.
Giorgos Zoukas 2019 Climate blogging in a post-truth era: Opportunities for action and interaction. Mainstream scientist-produced climate blogs as a climate science communication niche.
Natalia Nino 2018 Growing Right: Unpacking the WHO Child Growth Standards Development and their implementation in Colombia.
Sara Valencia 2018 A model to study the flow and use of knowledge in Outsourced Knowledge Intensive projects: A multi-case study of three vaccine clinical trials in Latin America. Countries researched: Colombia, Brazil and Mexico.
Abel Villa 2018 Global Value Chains (GVC) and Social Learning. Developing Producer Capabilities in Smallholder Farmers. The case of San Francisco Produce/Peninsula Organics.
Tarmphong Chobisara 2017 Partnership and Biobank Governance
Sara Bea 2017 No Heroics, Please: Mapping Deceased Donation Practices in a Catalan Hospital
Leah Gilman 2017 Qualifying kinship: How do UK gamete donors negotiate identity-release donation?
Javier Guerrero 2017 Maritime interdiction in the war on drugs in Columbia: practices, technologies and technological innovation (a.k.a. narco-subs)
Michael Kattirtzi 2017 “Challenge and be challenged”: A history of social research capacity and influence in DEFRA and DECC, 2001-2015
Zara Thokozani Kamwendo 2017 Heuristics and Biases to Behavioural Economics: A Sociology of a Psychology of Error
Pattamaporn Prachomrat 2016 Public sector R & D and innovation in an emerging country: An analysis of knowledge flow between public and private sectors in the Thai National System of Innovation.
Malissa Shaw 2016 Embodied Agency and Agentic Bodies: Negotiating Medicalisation in Colombian Assisted Reproduction
Vera Mugittu 2016 Influencing innovation structures and processes in agro-industries dominated by subsistence providers: the analysis of the rural poultry industry in Tanzania
Hyojung Sun 2016 Digital Disruption in the Recording Industry
Eva Hoffmann 2016 Computer Science in Afghanistan: A Situational Analysis of University Lecturers
Valeri Wiegel 2016 Biographies of an innovation: an ecological analysis of a strategic technology project in the auto-industry
Pat Byrne 2016 Hurling together with technology: Appropriation of the mobile phone in the everyday life of an Irish community group
Pattamaporn Prachomrat 2015 Public sector R & D and innovation in an emerging country: An analysis of knowledge flow between public and private sectors in the Thai National System of Innovation
Meritxell Ramírez-Ollé 2015 The Making of Dendroclimatological Knowledge. A symmetrical account of trust and scepticism in science.
Vasilis Tsiatouras 2015 Mathematics and the USSR: organising a discipline
Alison Wheatley 2015 Good soldiers, good guys, and good parents: the meanings of donation and donated tissue in the context of the Danish donor sperm industry.
Eun Sun Kim 2015 Facilitating innovation in SMEs: the case of public intermediaries in South Korea
Evi Giannatou 2015 Exploring the sociotechnical dynamics of the Creative Commons Licenses: the case of Open-Content filmmakers
Diana Velasco 2015 Innovation systems in developing contexts: A top-down and bottom-up approach to the Colombian National System of Innovation and the coffee, flower and sugarcane production chains
William Jenkins 2015 New perspectives on Edinburgh Lamarckians and other transformist thinkers. Evolutionary debates in the Athens of the North, 1790–1844
Joseph Blessin 2014 'Scientist Sade' and discovery in the high Enlightenment
Jee Hyun Suh 2014 The co-evolution of an emerging mobile technology and mobile services: A study of the distributed governance of technological innovation through the case of WiBro in South Korea
Seyed Emamian 2014 British electricity policy in flux: paradigm ambivalence and technological tension
Diego de la Hoz del Hoyo 2014 A different kettle of fish: Turning around how computer modelling counts for (fisheries) policy-making
Shishusri Pradhan 2013 From Green Revolution to Green Gold: The Evolution of the Indian National Mission on Biodiesel
Laur Kanger 2013 Domestic PC Production in Soviet Baltic States 1977–1992
Ali Maleki 2013 Dynamics of Knowledge Base Complexity: an Inquiry into Oil Producing Countries' Struggle to Build Innovation Capabilities
Emma King 2013 Blood, Sweat and Tears: a Case Study of the Development of Cultured Red Blood Cells for Transfusion
João Rangel de Almeida 2012 The 1851 International Sanitary Conference and the Construction of an International Sphere of Public Health
V.P.J. Arponen 2012 The Cultural Causes of Environmental Problems: A Wittgensteinian Approach to Social Action
Isabel Fletcher 2012 Obesity: a Historical Account of the Construction of a Modern Epidemic
James Wood 2011 The Natural Guardian of the Race: Heredity, Hygiene, Alcohol and Degeneration in Scottish Psychiatry c.1860–1920
Xiang Fang 2011 Risk and Social Construction of Nuclear Power Development in China: Local People's Participation in Civil Nuclear Issues in China at the Start of the 21st Century (Sociology)
Fraser Stewart 2011 Scotland's Rubbish: Domestic Recycling, Policy and Practice in Everyday Life (Sociology)
Olga Morawczynski 2010 Examining the Adoption, Usage and Outcomes of Mobile Money: the Case of M-PESA in Kenya
Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra 2010 Computerising Gentlemen: the Automation of the London Stock Exchange, c.1945–1995
Chih-Tung (Morgan) Huang 2010 Shaping Environmental "Justices"
Moxuan Li 2010 To See China in a Grain of Genetically Modified Rice: a Case Study on the Governance of Agricultural Biotechnology in China (Sociology)
Claudia Monica Garcia 2009

From Medical Geography to Germ Theory in Colombia, 1860–1900

Siân Beynon-Jones 2009 Expertise and Scottish Abortion Practice: Understanding Healthcare Professionals' Accounts
Zoe Keddie 2009 Communications in General Practice and the Domestication of ICT (Politics)
Christine Grimm 2009 Inside a Secret Software lab: an Ethnographic Study of Software Package Development
Josipa Petrunic 2009 Quaternion Engagements and Terrains of Knowledge (1858-1880): a Comparative Social History of Peter Guthrie Tait and William Kingdon Clifford
Pablo Schyfter 2009 Entangled Ontologies: a Sociophilosophical Analysis of Technological Artefacts, Subjects, and Bodies
Gethin Rees 2009 Corroboration, Consent and Community: a Meaning Finitist Account of the Forensic Medical Examination of Rape and Penetrative Sexual Assault Complainers in Scotland
Graeme Beale 2009 Tinbergian Schooling: a Case Study in the Field and Laboratory Methods and Practice of the Animal Behaviour Research Group under Nikolaas Tinbergen at Oxford University
Tzung-De Lin 2009 Japan Fuzzified: the Development of Fuzzy Logic Research in Japan
David Leung 2008 Accounting in the Wild: an Adventure in Ethnoaccountancy
Donna Messner 2008 Fast Track: the Practice of Drug Development and Regulatory Innovation in the Late Twentieth Century U.S
Matthew Harsh 2008 Living Technology and Development: Agricultural Biotechnology and Civil Society in Kenya
Phoebe Cochrane 2008 Community Involvement in Woodlands: governance and social benefits
Rebecca Hanlin 2008 Partnerships for Vaccine Development: building capacity to strengthen developing country health and innovation
Shu-Lin Chiang 2008 An Interpretive Approach to Digital Divide Policy-Making: a comparative study of China and Taiwan
Nicola Marks 2008 Opening up Spaces for Reflexivity? Scientists' Discourses about Stem Cell Research and Public Engagement (Medical Science)
Alex Voss 2007 Corealisation: a radical respecification of the working division of labour in systems development (Informatics)
Antonios Kaniadakis 2007 The Agora of Techno - Organisational Change
David Stearns 2007 Think of it as Money: a history of the VISA payment system,1970-1984
Martina Gerst 2007 The Socio-Technical Dynamics of ICT Innovation: a social shaping analysis of portals
Mei Wang 2007 Cultivating the 'Generic Solution': the emergence of a Chinese Product Data Management (PDM) software package
Nils Markusson 2007 Cleaner Innovation? A political process approach to environmental aspects of process technology innovations
Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen 2006 Meaning Change in the Context of Thomas S. Kuhn's Philosophy (Philosophy)
Alexander Hilliam 2005 University Research Linkages to the North Sea Oil and Gas Industry
Heidi Poon 2005 Life before Darwin: body, mind and soul in Britain, 1815-1859 (Divinity)
Akiko Hemmi 2005 E-learning and Technical Change in Universities: a comparative case study of Japanese and Scottish higher education (Sociology)
Dimitra Laspia 2005 Power and the Exercising Body: a study of Foucault and the gym experience (Sociology)
Catherine Lyall 2005 Concurrent Power: the role of policy networks in the multi-level governance of science and innovation in Scotland (Sociology)
Jinsang Hwang 2005 The Social Shaping of ICTs Standards: a case of national character set standards controversy in Korea (Sociology)
Lorna Campbell 2004 Principle and Practice: an analysis of nineteenth and twentieth century euthanasia debates (1854–1969) (Clinical and Surgical Sciences)
Sang-Hyun Kim 2004 Making the Science of Global Warming: a social history of climate science in Britain (Sociology)
Bella Vivat 2004 The Whole and the Parts: spiritual aspects of care in a West of Scotland Hospice (Geography)
Irene Rafanell 2004 The Sexed and Gendered body as a Social Institution: a critical reconstruction of two social constructionist models: Bourdieu's theory of habitus and the performative theory of social institutions (Sociology)
Angela Cassidy 2004 Of Academics, Publishers and Journalists: popular evolutionary psychology in the UK
Ki-heung Kim 2003 From Scrapie to Prion Disease: the social construction of a novel infectious agent
Sarah Parry 2003 Debating Stem Cell Research and Human Cloning: multiple meanings, competing constructions
Yuval Millo 2003 Where do Financial Markets Come From?: historical sociology of financial derivatives markets (Sociology)
Scott Gallacher 2003 Social Learning and Multimedia Innovation in a Corporate Environment (Sociology)
James Stewart 2002 Encounters with the Information Society: personal and social issues in the appropriation of new media products in everyday life: adoption, non-adoption, and the role of the informal economy and local experts
Joseph Fitsanakis 2002 The Nerves of Government: electronic networking and social control in the information society (Politics)
Patricia Soley-Beltran 2001 Transsexualism and the Heterosexual Matrix: a critical and empirical study of Judith Butler's performative theory of gender
Sarah Glover 2001 Shaping the 'Right Stuff': gender, technology and the cultures of aviation
Stuart Hartley 2001 Robert Jameson, Geology, and Polite Culture, 1796–1826: natural knowledge enquiry and civic sensibility in late enlightenment Scotland
W. Morrice McCrae 2001 The Scottish Roots of the National Health Service (History)
Jonathan Adams 2000 Unconventional Therapies in General Practice: boundary construction, identity and authentication
Ngai Fen Cheung 2000 The Childbearing Experiences of Chinese and Scottish Women in Scotland (Sociology)
Massimo Mazzotti 1999 The Geometers of God: mathematics in a conservative culture, Naples 1780–1840
Matthias Klaes 1999 The Emergence of Transaction Costs in Economics: a conceptual history
Edward Fisher 1999 The Politics of the Linguistic Turn: a Wittgensteinian analysis and critique of the role of language in contemporary political theory (Politics)
Ian Graham 1999 The Construction of Electronic Markets (Business Studies)
Min-Jeong Kang 1998 Universality and Network Evolution: the cases of Korea Information Infrastructure and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) development (Business Studies)
Kai Jakobs 1998 User Participation in Standardisation Processes: impact, problems and benefits (Computer Science)
Elaine Thomson 1998 Women in Medicine in late 19th and 20th-Century Edinburgh: a case study
Paul Taylor 1998 Hackers: a case study of the social shaping of computing
Xiaobai Shen 1998 Technology Transfer and the Acquisition of Technological Capabilities: the development of public digital switching technology in China
Mark Winskel 1998

Privatisation and Technological Change: the case of the British electricity supply industry

Donald Hislop

1997 Capabilities, Strategy and Environment: Organizational Change in the UK’s Defence Industrial Base, 1989-1995
Ca Tran Ngoc 1997 Learning Technological Capability in Developing Countries: case of two industries in Vietnam: textile/garment and electronics
Lez Rayman-Bacchus 1996 The Practice of Strategy (Business Studies)
Simon Dresner 1996 Sustainability: a survey and critical analysis
Spiros Gangas 1995 Relativism, Vitalism and Modernity in Georg Simmel's Social Theory (Sociology)
Charlotte Methuen 1995 Keplers Tübingen: stimulus to a theological mathematics (Ecclesiastical History)
E. Anne Kerr 1995 Feminising Science: linking theory and practice
Tim Jordan 1992 Reinventing Revolution: value and difference in new social movements and the Left
Ehud Rahat 1990 Metaphor Through an Evolutionary Perspective on Meaning (Philosophy)
Anne Elder 1990 Breathing Life into the Wooden Model: a participant observation study of technical change
Abigail Barrow 1989 Acquiring Technological Capabilities: the CNC machine tool industry in industrialising countries, with special reference to South Korea
Eloina Pelaez 1988 A Gift from Pandora's Box: The software crisis
Graham Spinardi 1988 The Development of U.S. Ballistic Missile Technology: Polaris to Trident
Alfonso Molina 1987 The Socio-Technical Basis of the Microelectronics Revolution: a global perspective
Steve Sturdy 1987 A Co-Ordinated Whole: the life and work of John Scott Haldane
David Smith 1986 Nutrition in Britain in the Twentieth Century
Moses Banda 1985 The Gwembe Valley: a study of local resource mobilisation in Zambia
Paul Baxter 1985 Science and Belief in Scotland, 1805-1868: the Scottish Evangelicals
Andrew Stoker 1984 Technology Transfer in the Indian and Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industries
Andrew Pickering 1983 A History of Particle Physics: a sociological analysis
Anton Eberhard 1983 Technological Change and Rural Development: a case study in Lesotho
Malcolm Nicolson 1983 The Development of Plant Ecology, 1790–1960
Michael Barfoot 1983 James Gregory (1753-1821) and Scottish Scientific Metaphysics, 1750–1800
Paul Mosley 1983 Regulation of the River Huang: a study of the Chinese concept of river basin development
Peter Bolton 1983 The Regulation of the Zambesi in Mozambique: a study of the origins and impact of the Cabora Bassa project
David Newman 1982 Utilitization of Sugar Cane By-products: appropriate and inappropriate technology in Mauritius
Jan Bialy 1982 Energy Flows in Subsistence Agriculture: a study of a dry zone village in Sri Lanka
William Harvey 1981 The Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: a case study in the sociology of science
Ben Crow 1981 The politics and technology of sharing the Ganges
John Dean 1980 A Naturalistic Model of Classification and its Relevance to some Controversies in Botanical Systematics, 1900–1950
Stephen Jacyna 1980 Scientific Naturalism in Victorian Britain: an essay in the social history of ideas
Terry Winnington 1979 Technology and Innovation in a Mexican Village
Michael Fears 1978 The 'Moral Treatment' of Insanity: a Study in the Social Construction of Human Nature
David Hart 1977 The Volta River Project: a case study in politics and technology
Donald MacKenzie 1977 The Development of Statistical Theory in Britain, 1865–1925
Leonard E. Schwartz 1974 Shaping of a Public Policy for Artificial Rainmaking, 1946–1958
John Law 1972 Specialities in Science: a sociological study of x-ray crystallography