Many of the scholars in the subject group are working on the theme of innovation in the life sciences, some of which is done under the umbrella of the Innogen Institute

The Innogen Institute is renowned for world-leading research with global impact on the social and economic aspects of the life sciences and emerging technologies. In areas such as food and energy security, health, global development and innovation systems, Innogen offers in-depth, rigorous research and impartial, evidence-based advice to public and private stakeholders.

Innogen focuses on innovation arising from life science research and technological development, how research and technologies are regulated and governed, and how technological and social innovation interact. With a commitment to putting research into practice, Innogen mobilises valuable knowledge for stakeholders in:

  • Innovative products, processes and new ways of thinking about how innovation is generated
  • Equitable and inclusive innovation for improving livelihoods, including wealth creation and new job opportunities
  • Better integration of health innovation and improvements to health systems, including value-based innovation and pricing
  • New and evolving regulatory systems in the life sciences
  • New approaches to innovation financing
  • A system-evolutionary understanding of innovation and industry policy
  • Proactive thinking on the global development of the bioeconomy

As a dynamic collaboration between the University of Edinburgh and the Open University, Innogen produces high quality research outputs used in decision making, on-going debates and academic agendas on life science issues.

Innogen is engaged in projects with over 40 institutions across 30 countries, and its research has influenced decision makers in industry, government and public bodies in the UK, EU and internationally, including: multinational pharmaceutical and agro-biotechnology companies, UK Government departments, Technology Strategy Board, UK research councils, international government agencies, and philanthropic and multilateral agencies.

For additional information about Innogen's research, events and postgraduate opportunities, please contact Elisabeth Barlow, Innogen Communications and Networking Officer, or visit the Innogen website.