Date/Time Event
23rd Sep 2019 15:00-17:00 On Microperformance in Biological Experimentation
Speaker: Hans-Jörg Rheinberger # Max-Planck-Institute for the History of Science, Berlin
30th Sep 2019 15:00-17:00 In the Same Vein: The Hepatitis B Vaccine and America’s Dirty Blood
Speaker: Lochlain Jain # Kings College London, Stanford University
7th Oct 2019 15:00-17:00 The Cuban transition from beef to dairy after the socialist revolution. Connecting with the Western scientists within the Cold War context
Speaker: Reinaldo Funes # University of Cuba / Yale University
14th Oct 2019 15:00-17:00 Governing sustainability in the Global North and the Global South: uncertainties and complexities in a comparative perspective
Speaker: Zora Kovacic # University of Bergen
21st Oct 2019 15:00-15:00 PhD-Showcase: Rodrigo: Internationalisation dynamics at play: constructing and diffusing zebrafish as a model organism in Latin American life sciences; Yazmin: Employed methods for generating a privacy game
Speaker: Rodrigo Liscovsky # STIS; Speaker: Yazmin Morlet Corti # PIR/STIS
28th Oct 2019 15:00-17:00 Making markets: stories of technologies, knowledge, invisibility, and willful ignorance
Speaker: Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra # University of California, San Diego
4th Nov 2019 15:00-17:00 Bend until it breaks? On interactions between research evaluation, research conduct, and science-society relations
Speaker: Sarah de Rijcke # CWTS Leiden
11th Nov 2019 15:00-17:00 What is energy justice, why does it matter and can it ever be obtained?
Speaker: Kirsten Jenkins # STIS
18th Nov 2019 15:00-17:00 Botanic Gardens: “Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?"
Speaker: David Ingram # STIS