Archived Events

Title Date
Making and unmaking in landscapes of progress 14th Jan 2019
Ordering Practices and Algorithmic Sensing: 4 Metaphors to Think With 19th Nov 2018
Reshaping Dementia: Materialities of Care in Medicine, Social Gerontology, and Citizenship Practices 12th Nov 2018
Data-Driven Dreaming and Biopolitical Immediacy 29th Oct 2018
‘Tortoises all the way down’: Geertz, cybernetics and ‘culture' during the Cold War 22nd Oct 2018
Performing Bureaucracy: Cultures of Government Data Practice 15th Oct 2018
Shaken not Stirred: Why STS scholars must not be ‘innocents abroad’ 8th Oct 2018
Seed Banks or Seed Morgues? Salvaging Crop Diversity from Long-Term Storage 1st Oct 2018
Collecting Energy at the National Museum of Scotland 24th Sep 2018
Rescaling Colonial Life From the Indigenous to the Alien: The Late 20th Century Search for Human Biological Futures 17th Sep 2018
'Will Pigs Save Our Bacon?' 22nd Aug 2018
'Is Astronaut Food the Future?' 20th Aug 2018
Rethinking the travel of technological innovations within affective encounters between human and non-human bodies 26th Mar 2018
**CANCELLED DUE TO STRIKE ACTION** PhD Showcase: Charting malnutrition: The politics of weight and height measurement during early childhood AND Life as we-don’t-know-it and the social construction of unknowns 19th Mar 2018
Postgraduate debate series - Philippine drug war, nuclear fusion, population control 13th Mar 2018
**CANCELLED DUE TO STRIKE ACTION** Instruments and Instrumentality 5th Mar 2018
**CANCELLED DUE TO STRIKE ACTION** Making Data in Undisciplined Teams: Lessons from the field for quantitative analytics 26th Feb 2018
Algorithmic Democracy and the Politics of Arctic Oil 19th Feb 2018
Postgraduate debate series - automation, public engagement, nationalism 13th Feb 2018