Archived Events

Title Date
‘​A life of their own: Host Organisms in Synthetic Biology’​ 30th Oct 2020
Botanic Gardens: “Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?" 18th Nov 2019
What is energy justice, why does it matter and can it ever be obtained? 11th Nov 2019
Bend until it breaks? On interactions between research evaluation, research conduct, and science-society relations 4th Nov 2019
Making markets: stories of technologies, knowledge, invisibility, and willful ignorance 28th Oct 2019
PhD-Showcase: Rodrigo: Internationalisation dynamics at play: constructing and diffusing zebrafish as a model organism in Latin American life sciences; Yazmin: Employed methods for generating a privacy game 21st Oct 2019
Governing sustainability in the Global North and the Global South: uncertainties and complexities in a comparative perspective 14th Oct 2019
The Cuban transition from beef to dairy after the socialist revolution. Connecting with the Western scientists within the Cold War context 7th Oct 2019
In the Same Vein: The Hepatitis B Vaccine and America’s Dirty Blood 30th Sep 2019
On Microperformance in Biological Experimentation 23rd Sep 2019
This is Not a (Unix) Pipe: Infrastructuration and Algorithmic Systems 27th May 2019
Virginia Eubanks: Automating Inequality. How high-tech Tools Profile Police and Punish the Poor 23rd May 2019
RETHINKING ICT4D 25th Apr 2019
“Fake News” as Infrastructural Uncanny 2nd Apr 2019
Teaching genetics under the embryology paradigm: Geoffrey Beale's Edinburgh Lectures, 1949-1961 25th Mar 2019
Resisting the iLeviathan: A solidarity-based approach to data governance 18th Mar 2019
Diffusion and citation impact of clinical trials published in the open scientific literature 15th Mar 2019
International Research workshop on Renewable Energy Knowledge Infrastructures 14th Mar 2019
Instruments and Instrumentality 11th Mar 2019
Democratizing environmental expertise: challenges and opportunities at the science-policy-society interface 4th Mar 2019