**CANCELLED DUE TO STRIKE ACTION** Making Data in Undisciplined Teams: Lessons from the field for quantitative analytics

Speaker: Professor Gina Neff # University of Oxford

26th Feb 2018

15:30 - 17:00

6th Floor Staff Room, Chrystal Macmillan Building

**This seminar has been cancelled due to strike action.**

The field of science studies has long taken on questions about the production of scientific data. Now with the rise of new digital tools, more people across many different industries and sectors are being brought into the production of increasing amounts of data. Using theories from STS, communication, and the emerging field of critical data studies, this talk presents comparative field research on the collaborative work of making data in two settings, academic ‘data science’ and energy engineering. By bringing a ‘media technologies’ lens to the problems of ‘sensemaking’ with data in multidisciplinary teams, I show how data function as both media and mediated—serving to communicate disparate social values, anchor negotiations, and perform organisational narratives even while reflecting sociotechnical infrastructures and disciplinary communities in flux.