Twenty Challenges for Innovation Studies

Speaker: Prof Ben Martin # University of Sussex

25th Nov 2013

15:30 - 17:00

Conference Room, David Hume Tower


The field of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Studies is now approximately half a century old. The occasion has been marked by several studies looking back to identify the main contributions and advances we have made. In this paper, starting from a list of 20 major advances over the field’s history, I propose 20 challenges for coming decades. In 1900, David Hilbert compiled a list of 23 unsolved mathematical problems that had a profound influence on mathematicians over the 20th Century. The intention here is to prompt a debate among the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Studies community on what are, or should be, the key challenges for us, and on what sort of field we aspire to be.

Speaker Biography

Ben Martin studied physics as an undergraduate at Cambridge and science policy as a postgraduate at Manchester. He has carried out research in the field of science policy for 30 years, focusing on the development of techniques for generating systematic information to aid decision-making in relation to science, engineering and technology.

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