Documents and their Analysis in the Humanities, Arts and Sciences

Hosted by: Dr Miguel Garcia-Sancho # STIS, University of Edinburgh

8th Jun 2015

09:00 - 17:00

University of Edinburgh

This full-day advanced training workshop will gather graduate students from the arts, humanities, social and natural sciences with a common interest in document analysis. The format will combine short presentations and an extended time for discussion in which we will explore what constitutes a document in different fields and what are the tools for making sense of documentary evidence. The speakers include historians searching in archives, art scholars investigating films, neurophysiologists working with brain images, computer scientists designing analytic algorithms, and quantitative and qualitative social scientists. At the end of the workshop, there will be a practical exercise in which the attendees will have the chance to apply their learnings to the analysis of a document.
Throughout the day, there will be a poster session in which attendees will be able to present work-in-progress. To be considered, please send an expression of interest no later than 12th April to quoting “Poster, documents workshop” in the subject line and describing in 1-3 informal sentences the content of the poster. Full posters will have to be sent at a later date upon notification of acceptance.
The event is part of the Summer School of the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science and graduate students from any discipline are welcomed. To register, please visit the Summer School website and click the tab “How to book” at the top of the page. The workshop is listed under the programme of the “Skills and methods” courses.
The Graduate School of Social and Political Science will generously refund the fee of University of Edinburgh students attending the workshop. To do this, you will need to produce proof of payment and sign up at different stages of the workshop. Please, note that you will only be refunded the £20 fee for the workshop day, if you want to attend Summer School events on other days, you will need to pay for yourself (£20 per extra day).
The workshop celebrates its second edition, after being attended by more than 40 people in 2014: