Elements for a social inquiry into capitalization

Speaker: Prof Fabian Muniesa # Mines ParisTech

5th Oct 2015

15:30 - 17:00

Staff Room, 6th floor, Crystal Macmillan Building, George Square, University of Edinburgh

How can we critically examine the meaning of capitalization? How can we make sense of the traits, necessities and upshots of this particular process of valuation in which things become assets and their value is assessed from the viewpoint of an investor? Grounded on a pragmatist attention to practical process, material culture and situated interpretation, our inquiry takes the form of an ethnographic exploration of a number of relevant scenes and sites: situations in which the meaning of capitalization is progressively captured. Through the description of acts of capitalization and the analysis of the narratives they require and the practices they institute, it articulates a research sensibility that renders capitalization visible and approachable as an anthropological problem. The inquiry signals the centrality of a problematic scenario in which the object of valuation is capitalized – it becomes capital – and transformed accordingly.

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