Gadget Lover/Breaker

Speaker: Dr Fabienne Collinge # IASH - Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities

25th May 2011

16:30 - 18:00

Seminar Room, Ground Floor, Chisholm House, High School Yards

Fabienne's PhD was a cultural study of US nuclear missiles and she is currently continuing her investigation of the landscapes of power and machine aesthetics. Her seminar presentation will discuss the machine aesthetics of wind turbine technology by making reference to Futurism, the paintings of Charles Sheeler and Freud's essay on 'Fetishism'. The idea is to construct an argument that asks what type of technics turbine technology is, and whether any easy distinctions between renewable and non-renewable energy sources can be made.

Please do come along to hear this very interesting talk and enjoy the discussion which will follow, and feel free to invite friends and colleagues.