In Search of Animals’ Emotions

Speaker: Dr Mara Miele # Cardiff University

28th Jan 2013

15:00 - 16:30

Seminar Room 1.06, Old Surgeons' Hall

This seminar has been rescheduled from 26th November 2012

Abstract: Cohen argues that “no single object or body has meaning ... without reference to the other forces, intensities, affects, and directions to which it is conjoined and within which it is always in the process of becoming something other, something new” (Medieval Identity, 76). He suggests that animals, humans, and objects must be appraised together as they form various, temporary clusters of active beings. In this paper, drawing on material semiotics/ ANT insights and sensibilities, I will look at one such temporary cluster of animal scientists and sheep brought together in a specific  experiment and a set of  animal science practices dedicated to explore sheep emotions in an animal science farm/laboratory of INRA in Clermont Ferrand, France, where I shadowed the animal welfare team of researchers as part of a large collaborative EU funded project (Welfare Quality).

Speaker biography: Mara Miele is a Senior Fellow in the School of Planning and Geography at Cardiff University, where she studies how ethical relations are enacted and articulated within the different practices and encounters between human and non-human animals. She is particularly fascinated by the new technologies and social organisations that are transforming the habitats of both farm animals and humans, new breeds of farm animals and new animal farming systems in which humans and animals interact.

For more information, please contact Alyson Macdonald on 0131 650 9113.