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ISSTI Retreat - Special SSU50 Edition

14th Jun 2016

09:00 - 13:30

Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, High School Yards, Edinburgh

In 2016 we have an extra special ISSTI retreat to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Science Studies Unit. The SSU50 Festival brings many distinguished  former colleagues and friends. Though some parts of the schedule are still being put into place we can already confirm an exceptionally strong programme


  • Paolo Quattrone - In search of value: an anecdotal history of the representation of value in accounting
  • Philip Grant – A Capital Error: Why the Concept of ‘Capital’ Is No Longer Valuable?
  • Jan Webb – On (Not) Assembling Value in Energy Markets: heat networks and British cities
  • Neil Pollock – Prosthetic Markets: How category makers, not just innovators, shape the digital economy
  • Niki Vermeulen – Counting Quality
  • Stuart Anderson – Algorithm Society
  • Karen Gregory – From Digital Labor to Surveillance Capitalism
  • Hadi Mehrpouya, Bettina Nissen - Happily ever after (bitcoin): Negotiating roles and values in short-term partnerships by joining other attendees in bitcoin matrimony.
  • Arie Rip - Sites of a Grand Societal Experiment
  • Xiaobai Shen - Imitation at the “optical point” - building an intellectual property regime in  China
  • STS as Travelling Theory: Asia as Method (Francesca Bray, Brian Wynne, John Law )

he retreat will end with a public lecture by Harry Collins:  Sociology of scientific knowledge and gravitational waves

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