New Germs, Old Drugs, Tough Business: Innogen's Work on the Antimicrobial Resistance Problem

Speaker: Dr Jack Scannell # Innogen/CASMI

6th Mar 2015

15:30 - 17:00

Room G.10 (Old Drummond Library, Geosciences, High School Yards)


Over the last 30 years, pathogenic microbes have evolved resistance to antibiotics at a faster rate than the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have brought new drugs to market. The growing problem of antimicrobial resistance is now a public health concern and a political priortity. Innogen has recently completed work for the government-sponsored O’Neill Review on antimicrobial resistance. Dr Scannell will talk about the project, and the interactions between changing antibiotic regulation, new financial incentives, new diagnostic technologies, and new patterns of drug use.

About the speaker

Dr Scannell is an Innogen Associate and an Associate Fellow at CASMI in Oxford. Dr Scannell has experience in financial and scientific aspects of drug R&D. He is now conducting research on R&D productivity in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Before returning to academia in 2014, Dr Scannell was head of drug discovery at e-Therapeutics PLC, an Oxford-based biotechnology/bio-informatics firm. From 2005 to 2012, Dr Scannell worked in drug and biotechnology investment. He ran the European Healthcare team at Sanford Bernstein in London. Dr Scannell joined Bernstein from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and prior to BCG he was an academic biomedical scientist, first at Oxford and then at Newcastle University. Dr Scannell has a degree in Medical Sciences from Cambridge University and a PhD in Physiology (Computational Neuroscience) from Oxford University.