New roles for medical humanities

Speaker: Dr Annamaria Carusi # University of Sheffield

29th Feb 2016

15:30 - 17:00

Staff Room, 6th floor, Crystal Macmillan Building (University of Edinburgh, George Square)

Critical medical humanities approaches are currently extending the traditional remit of humanities in medical contexts, shifting humanities well beyond the remit of supportive adjunct to medical science and practice, and giving a huge impetus to the creative potential of the humanities for getting involved in all aspects of medicine. In this talk I shall discuss this new development in medical humanities, in light of my own experiences of working as a humanities researcher in computational biomedicine, medical imaging and more recently, technology mediated movement studies. I want to show how the kind of critical attention that the humanities bring to objects like literature, art, performance, image and film, extended into medical science and practice, makes for a particular form of transdisciplinary science and practice.

Speaker bio:

Annamaria Carusi is Reader in Medical Humanities at the University of Sheffield. She is co-editor of Visualization in the Age of Computerization (Routledge) and has published extensively on imaging and visualization in science, and on computational modeling and simulation in systems biology. Her work eclectically combines phenomenology, science studies, and a broad range of arts and humanities. She aims to contribute to finding different arrangements of inter-,cross-, and transdisciplinarity that will develop and sustain co-responsibility for medical science and practice across humanities, social science, and biomedicine.