Nudge, Nudge - Blink, Blink

Speaker: Professor Peter Phillips # University of Saskatchewan

5th Nov 2012

15:00 - 16:30

Seminar Room 1.06, Old Surgeons' Hall

Abstract: The policy literature generally assumes rational actors are engaged in the system.  This then generates decisions that are either in the public interest or are skewed to benefit the decision-makers themselves.  While this model clearly fits many policy fields, there are exceptions.  There are some situations where decision makers are cognitively limited, which leads to inefficient outcomes.  This talk will examine where that happens and how one might investigate the cognitive limitations of policy making in the context of regulating new technologies. 

Speaker biography: Peter Phillips is Professor of Public Policy in the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon, Canada. He earned his Ph.D. in International Political Economy at the London School of Economics and practiced for 13 years as a professional economist and senior policy advisor in Canadian industry and government. His current research focuses on governing transformative innovation, including regulation and policy, innovation systems, intellectual property management, trade policy and decision systems.

For more information, please contact Alyson Macdonald on 0131 650 9113.