One-Stop-Body-Shop @ CODI2016

Speaker: Gill Haddow # The University of Edinburgh

28th Aug 2016

15:00 - 16:00

Stand in the Square (Fringe Venue 372)

Please! Come in and browse.

You can choose from researcher Gill Haddow’s range of options for the repair and replacement of organs. Currently, she has several options in stock: human organs from deceased or living donors are all the rage nowadays but, yes, supplies are limited.

How about the very latest, more expensive option of ‘grow-your-own’? Too pricey? Organs from genetically modified non-human animals can come in quite a bit cheaper. No. Sorry. We don’t do organic options. You’re vegetarian? I would recommend the cybernetic options (a delivery next week will replace faulty stock).

“One-Stop-Body-Shop”, is on Sunday, 28th August 2016, 3-4pm at the Stand in the Square venue (Fringe Venue 327, St Andrews Square, EH2 2AD, Edinburgh).

Tickets are available here:

This event is part of the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas series (, a Beltane Network, Fair Play and Stand co-production for Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016. Beltane Network is a public engagement initiative based at the University of Edinburgh, with support from other Edinburgh universities (for more see: