Fostering Growth through science, technology & innovation

Speaker: Professor Iain Gillespie # ESRC Innogen Centre

12th Nov 2012

15:00 - 16:30

Seminar Room (1.06), Old Surgeons' Hall

Abstract: The rapid internationalisation of science and the onward march of globalisation have led multiple national and international expert bodies to call for more “open” science and innovation and these topics have become fashionable in policy debate. But a central conundrum remains: how to enjoy the knowledge production and capture benefits through open forms of cooperation while also harnessing the benefits of such cooperation to drive domestic economic growth. This presentation will explore some current approaches to resolving this conundrum, including: opportunities in the architecture of open science; the development of markets and networks for knowledge, and; efforts to deliver meaningful demand/supply side policy integration. The presentation will draw on experience from the OECD, the Innogen Institute and elsewhere. Much of the focus will be on developing the bioeconomy and driving green growth, but many of the emerging lessons will have multi-sector utility. Possible policy opportunities within the innovation ecosystem will be highlighted.

Speaker biography: Dr Iain Gillespie was previously Head of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) Science and Technology Policy Division, and prior to that the OECD’s Biotechnology Division (2001-2011). He led OECD’s work on open innovation in the life sciences, the development of knowledge markets, and collaborative mechanisms for management of IPRs, as well as more general work on realising the bioeconomy. His other main responsibilities at the OECD were research infrastructure and funding, human resources for science and technology, evaluation and monitoring of innovation systems, governance of international cooperation on science, technology and innovation to meet global challenges, social innovation, demand/supply side integration and societal engagement.

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