Outer Space – The Next Empire?

Speaker: Matjaz Vidmar # TBC; Speaker: Pippa Goldschmidt # TBC; Introduced by: Susan Morrison # TBC

5th Aug 2017

13:50 - 14:50

New Town Theatre, George Street

Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas 2017 is proud to present:

Outer Space – The Next Empire?

an "arts-meets-(social)-science" show where we are exploring Outer Space!

Matjaz Vidmar, STIS PhD student and space innovation researcher, and Pippa Goldschmidt, STIS Visiting Fellow and an acclaimed author, will tell a tale of exploration, exploitation and destruction - or perhaps they are just imagining it all?

We will be discussing:

Who owns outer space and its exploration and exploitation becoming “business as usual”?

Is anyone ensuring that the alien equivalent of dodos will survive any future encounter with us?

Are we alone in the Universe or are we just lonely?

Come along to find out and have your say on the future of human activity in outer space!

Outer Space – The Next Empire? is on 5th August, 1.50pm, at the New Town Theatre in George Street.

Tickets can be bought via the Fringe Box Office or on-line: www.bit.ly/OuterSpaceEmpire

This show is part of Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas 2017 series, produced by Beltane Network and Fair Pley Productions for Edinburgh Fringe. We thank for the support by Graduate School, School of Social and Political science.