PhD-Showcase: Rodrigo: Internationalisation dynamics at play: constructing and diffusing zebrafish as a model organism in Latin American life sciences; Yazmin: Employed methods for generating a privacy game

Speaker: Rodrigo Liscovsky # STIS; Speaker: Yazmin Morlet Corti # PIR/STIS

21st Oct 2019

15:00 - 15:00

Violet Laidlaw Room, 6th Floor, CMB

Liscovsky: Internationalisation dynamics at play: constructing and diffusing zebrafish as a model organism in Latin American life sciences

Zebrafish (Danio rerio), a small tropical freshwater fish from the Ganges region of India and popular in pet shops, has become one of the most attractive model organisms in contemporary life science research. Although the use of zebrafish in scientific research has been growing steadily on the world-stage, in Latin America this growth has been unprecedented (Buske 2012). The promise of zebrafish in this region is mainly due to the economy of the model allowing average laboratories, which often operate with small budgets and with less well-developed science infrastructures, to conduct word-class research (Allende et al. 2011). In this presentation, I will examine how complex dynamics of scientific internationalisation influenced both its construction and subsequent diffusion as a model organism. In the first case, by focusing on the experiences of Latin American researchers, I seek to unpack the complex dynamics of dependency and empowerment present in practices of resource exchange as well as the barriers and reactions to international infrastructures built to support these exchanges. In the second case, by applying novel bibliometric and social network analysis techniques, I study the extent to which the diffusion of zebrafish in Latin American has been driven by exposure to international and regional networks with previous experience in the use of the model. Overall, this work seeks to contribute to existing STS literature on model organisms and revisit established ideas about the travel of scientific innovations across geographies from a critical point of view.

Morlet Corti: Employed methods for generating a privacy game [App]

This part of the seminar will provide a methodological and interdisciplinary approach on how to construct a  privacy game [App]. This particular App, Yoshik, is defined as a serious game, intends to measure user attitudes and educate them on their data protection rights.  Serious Games are based on the premise that we learn from games, and these are increasingly being used for social change and research in various fields such as education, safety and human rights.

This App tries to answer how are online Privacy attitudes in Millenials explained by political culture values in Mexico and Spain.

Rodrigo Liscovsky is a PhD Student at STIS: 

Yazmin Morlet Corti is a PhD Student at PIR/STIS: