Remaking the UK’s Energy Technology Innovation System

Speaker: Dr Mark Winskel # The University of Edinburgh

17th Mar 2014

15:30 - 17:00

Conference Room, David Hume Tower


The UK energy technology innovation system has undergone a dramatic remaking in recent years, in terms of its strategic aims, levels of investment and organisational make-up. In this talk I will review this process, distinguishing between three periods: new beginnings,  momentum building and critical review.  Market liberalism in the UK energy system in the 1990s carried a powerful regulatory and institutional legacy for the rebuilding of the UK energy innovation system. Much of the UK’s initiatives happened in piecemeal fashion, only weakly co-ordinated or connected to overall energy policy ambitions. Within an international trend to energy innovation system rebuilding, UK experience has been of a particular character. The case is also considered using energy innovation governance styles articulated in the innovation studies research literature, and between advocates of disruptive and continuity-based styles of innovation.


Speaker Biography

Mark Winskel is an applied social scientist with a background in Science, Technology and Information Studies (STIS). His research addresses the dynamics of energy systems change, especially the relationship between technological change, governance and policy. This is a multi-dimensional research area, which involves combining together socio-technical knowledge of technology systems, energy organisations and institutions, and the wider societal context for energy production, distribution and consumption. He is Research Co-ordinator at the UK Energy Research Centre, and he is based in the Institute for Energy Systems at the University of Edinburgh.