Rethinking the travel of technological innovations within affective encounters between human and non-human bodies

Speaker: Dr Daniel Sage # University of Loughborough

26th Mar 2018

15:30 - 17:00

6th Floor Staff Room, Chrystal Macmillan Building

In this conceptual paper I explore how affective encounters between human and non-human bodies facilitate the movement of technological innovations within and between organizations. Thinking innovation travel within affective bodily encounters contributes theoretically by challenging not only the long-standing rationalism within studies of technological innovation but the anthropocentrism in burgeoning studies of innovation and affect. Deviating from psychological theories of affect, I propose to cross-fertilize actor-network theories of technological innovation with Deleuzo-Spinozian theories of affect. This approach is proposed to explain how human and non-human bodies, encounters, affects and speeds, facilitate purposive innovation processes, such as actor-networking. The approach can also explore how those encounters are purposefully actor-networked to organize the affective conditions for technological travel. The approach further contributes by developing the centrality of affect within actor-network theories and in exploring the potential of Deleuzo-Spinozian affective philosophy to address more stabilizing organizational processes. I illustrate my approach with empirical examples on the technological innovation of zero-carbon housing in the United Kingdom.