Designing Inspired Users

Speaker: Dr Virve Peteri # University of Tampere

18th Mar 2013

15:00 - 16:30

Seminar Room, Old Surgeons' Hall


Through a case study of an office chair, the presentation examines how visions of potential users and their working spaces are constructed by the relevant actors in project meetings and individual interviews during a design process. The presentation also analyses ergonomics as a social and cultural phenomenon; as something that is formulated and reformulated by the actors in a company that specializes in producing ergonomic office furniture and products. The presentation will explore how these shared visions shape the design of an office chair and thus, may contribute in materializing the visions and networks themselves. 
The reformulation of ergonomics invites certain kinds of end-users; active, flexible and cooperative personages. The methodological stance is somewhat eclectic since it is based on discourse analysis and the actor-network approach creating a critical vantage point that examines discourses as linguistic strategies that construct networks of meanings.

Speaker Biography

Virve Peteri is a postdoctoral researcher at the Academy of Finland, and a visiting researcher at STIS in 2012-13. She is currently investigating how design is domesticated in office environments, and she is also interested in how conceptions of future users and uses shape the design of everyday things.