Engagement, Interaction and Influence

Speaker: Dr Sarah Parry # STIS, University of Edinburgh; Speaker: Prof Elizabeth Shove # Sociology, University of Lancaster

10th Dec 2010

14:30 - 17:00

Seminar Room 1.06, Old Surgeons' Hall, HSY


To register - please email Angela.McEwan@ed.ac.uk or call 0131 650 9113

Seminar - 2.30-5pm, followed by a wine reception with mince pies (tea and coffee also available)


This talk is about the engagement challenges for the Sustainable Practices Research Group (SPRG) - a research group that seeks to develop fresh understandings about how social practices change and how to encourage more sustainable behaviours with regards to consumption. Sarah will introduce the SPRG and its aims, followed by Elizabeth who will set out the current dominant policy paradigm for understanding sustainable consumption and behaviour change. Elizabeth will then introduce concepts of practice and their relationship to current dominant approaches in policy. Finally, turning our attention back to the SPRG, Sarah will set out the provisional strategy for the SPRG's work-package 'Engagement, Interaction and Influence'. As they will show, the engagement challenges for SPRG call for us to carefully reflect on the public policy implications of social practices insights hand-in-hand with developing our understanding of the way that policy processes draw on ideas from the social sciences leading to their inclusion/exclusion in public policy. In turn, this creates a space for questions regarding the role for the social sciences (and social scientists) in public policy.

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