Understanding Technology

Speaker: Dr Sean Johnston # University of Glasgow

29th Mar 2012

15:00 - 16:30

Learning Centre Seminar Room, National Museum of Scotland

What links the Cold War, Pop Art, American car manufacturers and communes?  Holography, the technology of three-dimensional imaging, bridged these events and entities.  This talk will explore the environments in which holography developed, and the new experts who evolved with it.  It will argue that the subject grew into dissimilar forms to suit the distinct goals of its various communities.  Holograms embodied scientific preconceptions, engineering judgements, aesthetic values, market assumptions and, for a time, political dimensions.  The talk will suggest that this co-development by separate technical groups can reveal cultural assumptions about progress, and why our technological stories can too easily misrepresent a hidden history.

Admission free
Please register with Maureen Kerr on 0131 247 4274 or m.kerr@nms.ac.uk

This lecture is held in memory of Dr Stewart Russell (1955-2011)