Who (Still) Needs Actor-Network Theory?

Speaker: Laur Kanger # ISSTI PhD student

1st Apr 2011

16:30 - 18:00

Seminar room, ground floor, Chisholm House, High School Yards


The presentation will start from the comparison of critical realism and ANT as presented by Dave Elder-Vass in British Journal of Sociology (2008, 59 (3): 455-473). I will argue that the criticism is at once too harsh and too mild: mild in the sense that it does not advocate explicitly for abandoning the approach altogether; harsh because alternative readings are possible. As an additional development I will present seven different readings of ANT. It will be shown that all of them lead to considerable problems raising questions about the usefulness of the approach altogether.

Laur Kanger is an ISSTI PhD student. His research interests include information society theories, socio-technical metatheory, theories of technology and Soviet computing.

Please do come along to hear this very interesting talk and enjoy the discussion which will follow, and feel free to invite friends and colleagues.