Archived Events

Title Date
'Depharmaceuticalising' mental health? 20th Jan 2014
Rice and the Rise of Global Capitalism 2nd Dec 2013
Twenty Challenges for Innovation Studies 25th Nov 2013
Blood, sweat, and tears 18th Nov 2013
Designing the Driver out of the Equation 11th Nov 2013
John Ruskin and Wild Flora 4th Nov 2013
One Medicine? 28th Oct 2013
New models for collaboration between social and natural sciences 21st Oct 2013
Lonely Ideas: The Surprising Record of Russia in Invention and Innovation 14th Oct 2013
Doctoral scientists’ identities in a changing policy landscape 7th Oct 2013
Heating up or cooling down? 30th Sep 2013
“The Government Has Your Baby’s DNA” 23rd Sep 2013
Dimensions of Value and Values in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies 17th Apr 2013
The Definition of Relativism 25th Mar 2013
Designing Inspired Users 18th Mar 2013
Research in the Clinic 11th Mar 2013
Uranium from Africa and the Power of Nuclear Things 5th Mar 2013
Scaling Up 4th Mar 2013
Urban Energy Systems in UK Cities 25th Feb 2013
Life in the Digital Age 18th Feb 2013