Archived Events

Title Date
From 'Experiments of Concern' to 'Groups of Concern' 11th Feb 2013
Casting the Self In and Through Genomics 4th Feb 2013
In Search of Animals’ Emotions 28th Jan 2013
Living with the h Index? 21st Jan 2013
Saving the Lives of Our Dogs 19th Nov 2012
Fostering Growth through science, technology & innovation 12th Nov 2012
Nudge, Nudge - Blink, Blink 5th Nov 2012
Studying Knowledge in Policy 29th Oct 2012
Model Ships, Model Science and Test Tank Replication 25th Oct 2012
Public Engagement in Science and STS Engagement in Policy 22nd Oct 2012
An Archive of Identity 15th Oct 2012
The Role of Science in Regulatory Decision-Making 8th Oct 2012
Improving Societal Impact of University Research 1st Oct 2012
Property, Rights, and the Constitution of Contemporary Indian Biomedicine 24th Sep 2012
Appropriations to Think With 19th Sep 2012
Challenges in Supporting Innovation in ICT-enabled Services for Family Care of the Elderly 16th Jul 2012
Are 'Appropriate Health Technologies 3.0' the Cure for Our Sick Healthcare Systems? 11th Jun 2012
Edinburgh's Industrial Information Revolution 24th May 2012
Public engagement with science: what do we stand to lose? 30th Apr 2012
Lesson From 50 years of Science Advice to the US President 19th Apr 2012