Archived Events

Title Date
Understanding Technology 29th Mar 2012
How journal rankings can suppress interdisciplinary research 12th Mar 2012
The Complexity of Science and Innovation Policy 30th Jan 2012
Citizen Deliberation and Politics of Risk Assessment 12th Dec 2011
In Case of Fire, Please Use the Elevator 7th Nov 2011
With Regard to Innovation . . . 31st Oct 2011
Challenges for Anticipatory Governance of New Technologies 25th Oct 2011
Our Collective Performance of Environmental Problems, Constructivism and Wittgenstein's "Not Agreement in Opinions but in Form of Life" 14th Oct 2011
REMEDiE 10th Oct 2011
Regulating Cell Therapy 7th Oct 2011
A Battle for Scientific Authority 30th Sep 2011
Exploration and Exploitation Alliances in Bio-Pharma 26th Sep 2011
Adapting Practices 23rd Jun 2011
Young People's 'Disruptive' Use of Technology and the Responsibility of the ICT Sector 20th Jun 2011
eHealth Seminar 16th Jun 2011
Ecological Governance of Nanotechnologies 6th Jun 2011
Gadget Lover/Breaker 25th May 2011
Food Portfolios, Resilient Food Systems and Food Security 4th May 2011
Socio-ethical Aspects of the IVF-Stem Cell Interface 11th Apr 2011
Who (Still) Needs Actor-Network Theory? 1st Apr 2011