Archived Events

Title Date
The Challenges of Interdisciplinarity 14th Mar 2011
Regulatory Frameworks in Support of Emerging Healthcare Technologies 14th Feb 2011
Engagement, Interaction and Influence 10th Dec 2010
The Changing Role of the State in Innovation 22nd Nov 2010
Knowledge Management as a Precondition of Life Sciences Innovation 25th Oct 2010
The New Politics of Food Security 27th Sep 2010
What Can Go Wrong? 23rd Jun 2010
The order of synthetic biological things 28th May 2010
"Tech Talk: Investigating the Emergence of New Actors through New Media in Technology Innovation Discourse" 24th May 2010
"The Case of the Disappearing Ox" 19th May 2010
The organising of clinical trials and the reliability of knowledge 3rd May 2010
Towards a co-evolutionary theory of industrial change 26th Apr 2010
A Moving Periphery 29th Mar 2010
Three sources of perceptual knowledge 26th Mar 2010
A short walk with civil servants 22nd Feb 2010
Crimes of Suggestion 10th Feb 2010
"What we are busy doing…" 8th Feb 2010
Innovative health technologies in everyday life 29th Jan 2010
"Postgenomic Darwinism and Human Nature" 14th Dec 2009
A Three-Dimensional View of Public Participation 11th Dec 2009