Archived Events

Title Date
PhD Showcase 20th Nov 2017
Marked ‘h’ for human: Chimeric Life and the Politics of the Human 13th Nov 2017
How to kill AI: James Lighthill and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Winter 6th Nov 2017
Maps, Diagrams and the History of Epidemic Modelling 30th Oct 2017
Lost in translation or lack of translation? Replication of co-innovation in international research collaborations 23rd Oct 2017
Facial recognition technologies and the old problem of human categorization 16th Oct 2017
Fire investigation and STS seminar 12th Sep 2017
Outer Space – The Next Empire? 5th Aug 2017
Book discussion with Stephen Hilgartner 12th Jul 2017
*Cancelled event* BETTER 5th Jun 2017
The Concept of "Culture" and its quotation marks: Learning from electronic music practice in China? 1st Jun 2017
What is the sociology of medical knowledge? 5th Apr 2017
Through the biomedical eye: making and circulating images of early human cytogenetics 27th Mar 2017
Valuations and its problems: How economists value the environment 20th Mar 2017
STIS double PhD session: 'No Heroics, Please: A Study of Deceased Donation Practices in a Catalan Hospital' and 'Digital Revolution Tamed: The Case of the Recording Industry' 13th Mar 2017
The cultural political economy of technical fix promises: The (mis)alignment of CC(U)S, geoengineering and neoliberalism 6th Mar 2017
Popularizing the Calorie: the Belgian Press and the Dissemination of a Nutritional Concept, 1890 - 1920 27th Feb 2017
Exploring the role of professional heating engineers in shaping the energy consumed through domestic space heating, and discussing a future research agenda 20th Feb 2017
‘Weird Solidarities’: Conceptualizing Social Solidarity Between Data Bodies 13th Feb 2017
‘Perched above the Earth as an Observer of the Whole’: Frank J. Malina and the Politics of Jet Propulsion 6th Feb 2017