Archived Events

Title Date
Nonknowledge and Real World Experiments 30th Jan 2017
Smart and Inclusive Growth: a new narrative on wealth creation 27th Jan 2017
Life with an Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator: The Becoming of the Everyday Cyborg 23rd Jan 2017
‘The politics of the handloom: craft, technology and the modern nation in China and India’. 6th Dec 2016
STIS Honorary Doctorands Public Lectures - Prof Bruno Latour & Prof Helga Nowotny 29th Nov 2016
The Past, Present and Future of Science, Technology and Innovation Studies 29th Nov 2016
STIS Seminar PhD Session 14th Nov 2016
From patients to consumers: a history of pregnancy testing in Britain 7th Nov 2016
Visualizing embryonic humanity: reflections on time-lapse monitoring technology 31st Oct 2016
Transnational Infrastructures in Turbulent Times? The European Energy Union, Energy Politics, and Integrated Markets 24th Oct 2016
From the mundane to the sophisticated: military innovation studies and the question of power 17th Oct 2016
Barriers, bodies and bacteria: the 'scaling up' of synthetic biology 10th Oct 2016
Looking into the Test-Tube: The Birth of IVF on British Television 3rd Oct 2016
Between Proposing and Opposing a European Electricity System: Towards a New Understanding of Large Technical System-Building 26th Sep 2016
Dolly and the state: making and selling biotechnology at the Roslin institute, 1980–1997 19th Sep 2016
SSU50 at STS Verbena in Barcelona 2nd Sep 2016
One-Stop-Body-Shop @ CODI2016 28th Aug 2016
Dolly the Sheep: Major Discovery or Minor Distraction? @ CODI2016 25th Aug 2016
How Cyber-Crime Benefits Society @ CODI2016 19th Aug 2016
Let Big Brother Watch! (From Space...) @ CODI2016 15th Aug 2016