Archived Events

Title Date
Practising the Reflexivity Tenet (50 years later) - SSU50 Workshop 16th Jun 2016
SSU50 - Official Gala 15th Jun 2016
ISSTI Retreat Public Lecture 15th Jun 2016
ISSTI Retreat - Special SSU50 Edition 14th Jun 2016
Strategic Ethnographies Workshop - SGSSS Summer School 2016 9th Jun 2016
Document Analysis Workshop - SGSSS Summer School 2016 7th Jun 2016
Public lecture: "From Dolly to the new peasantry: on places, practices and the politics of life itself" 2nd Jun 2016
"Dolly and cloning 20 years on: a roundtable with Ian Wilmut, Grahame Bulfield, Simon Best and Donald Bruce" 1st Jun 2016
Negative stereotypes of the Scottish diet: A qualitative analysis of deep-fried Mars bar references in the Scottish press 21st Mar 2016
Co-creation in health innovation 14th Mar 2016
Digital Copyright Hub and the Politics of Infrastructural delegation 7th Mar 2016
New roles for medical humanities 29th Feb 2016
Pricing Risk, Governing Risk-Taking: Trust, Modelling and the Cultures of Credit Risk Evaluation in Commercial and Investment Banks 22nd Feb 2016
Psychiatric innovation in the post-Prozac era 15th Feb 2016
The local knowledge, public understanding of science and STS studies in China 8th Feb 2016
The New Production of Users: Changing involvement strategies and innovation collectives 3rd Feb 2016
Cuban Exceptionalism? Openings and Closures for Alternative Food Networks in the (Post)colonial Caribbean 1st Feb 2016
History on-line: The case of monoclonal antibodies 25th Jan 2016
Roadmaps and Pipelines, Hurdles and Obstacles: Translational Medicine and the Bioethics Backlash 18th Jan 2016
Assembling the "ageing society" 11th Jan 2016