Archived Events

Title Date
Reassembling the cancer clinic: On the co-production of epistemic and organizational innovation in translational cancer research 16th Dec 2015
Court ceremonies electrified: technological innovation and Russian imperial power 7th Dec 2015
Bureaucratic disorders: biomedical nationalism, pharmaceutical citizenship and access to drugs for rare diseases in the United Kingdom 30th Nov 2015
China - A Science & Technology Superpower? 25th Nov 2015
Citizen Science for Community Engagement 24th Nov 2015
Identifying barriers for the development of the dairy supply chain in Malawi 23rd Nov 2015
Citizen Science and Scientific Citizenship 19th Nov 2015
Modernity and the mobility of knowledge: fundamental research in Britain's colonial laboratories after 1940 16th Nov 2015
Governance and data access an interactive approach 13th Nov 2015
Capturing skills and innovation from collaborative relationships - applying process based approach to university-industry linkages 9th Nov 2015
IP in plants and synthetic biology: a historical analysis of contemporary concerns 2nd Nov 2015
Confronting the metric tide: performance indicators and the social construction of science 26th Oct 2015
An anatomy of influence: science, politics and the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, 1970-2011 19th Oct 2015
A history of the Hepatitis B vaccine 12th Oct 2015
Elements for a social inquiry into capitalization 5th Oct 2015
Regenerative medicine business models: towards an indicative model and typologies 28th Sep 2015
Citizen Science and Crowdsourced Data and Evidence Network - 2nd Seminar: 'Metadata Games: tagging library images online' 22nd Jun 2015
SKAPE-net keynote lecture: 'Climate Change and the Politicization of Science' 18th Jun 2015
Documents and their Analysis in the Humanities, Arts and Sciences 8th Jun 2015
EDINBURGH TIME NETWORK MEETING: Time in Science and Technology 29th May 2015