Archived Events

Title Date
CSCS Network - 1st Seminar 28th May 2015
Design, Deregulation, and Reregulation of the Nordic Power Markets in Finland 27th May 2015
ClimateXChange seminar: Household energy efficiency programme evaluation: does it tell us what we need to know? 19th May 2015
Origins of Biogen: a history of the transatlantic transition from molecular biology to biotechnology 5th May 2015
The food nature intended you to eat? Low-carbohydrate diets and nutritional primitivism 5th Apr 2015
An extreme aspect of the norm: the troublesome standardization of human hearing 16th Mar 2015
Fridge talk: stories from the coldface of domestic kitchen life 9th Mar 2015
New Germs, Old Drugs, Tough Business: Innogen's Work on the Antimicrobial Resistance Problem 6th Mar 2015
Immersive simulation and (con)figurations of the Other 2nd Mar 2015
When Science Forgets Itself, in Public: The Pre-History of the 1986 Post-Chernobyl Scientific Error Over Radio-Caesium Contamination of Sheep 24th Feb 2015
Editors and referees in the making of scientific Knowledge: Philosophical Transactions in the nineteenth century 23rd Feb 2015
Good foods and bad foods? Nutrition science, food policy and STS 16th Feb 2015
Liberatory technologies? Grassroots digital fabrication 9th Feb 2015
Foucault, literature, and feminist theories of technology 2nd Feb 2015
Why map issues? On controversy analysis as a digital method 26th Jan 2015
Three kinds of perspectival truth 19th Jan 2015
British innovation in the twentieth century - what we know and what we don't know 8th Dec 2014
Legal foresighting: law, technologies, and regulating for uncertainty 1st Dec 2014
Innovation in the energy sector: paradigm busting or paradigm reinforcing? 25th Nov 2014
Controversies in climate change and infectious disease. From science to policy... and back. 24th Nov 2014