Archived Events

Title Date
Walking with a smart-phone: pedestrian wayfinding and screen gestures 17th Nov 2014
Inscrutable drugs and elusive experts: the quest for cattle therapy in Nigeria and Zambia 10th Nov 2014
Industry Analysts: The Powerful Market Experts Shaping the Digital Future 3rd Nov 2014
What can STS learn from art and design? 20th Oct 2014
'Bio-objects: an idea that seems to have some legs...and arms, and so on' 13th Oct 2014
Historical Geographies of the Prime Meridian 6th Oct 2014
Genomic Cosmopolitanism and the Re-Constitution of the Nation-State: The Case of Generation Scotland 29th Sep 2014
Is the biologically defined human of the humanists' (and STS) fears really in the mind of the public? 22nd Sep 2014
The Craft of Early Astronomy: Making Books, Globes and Instruments in the Sixteenth Century. 30th Apr 2014
‘Intelligent, Fast, Bactericidal’ 24th Mar 2014
Remaking the UK’s Energy Technology Innovation System 17th Mar 2014
Nuclear Energy 10th Mar 2014
Digital Innovation Challenges 10th Mar 2014
Hanging Together, Falling Apart 3rd Mar 2014
Interdisciplines and indiscipline 24th Feb 2014
Did the Human Genome Project exist? 17th Feb 2014
Valuation as Practice 13th Feb 2014
The Politics of Possibility 10th Feb 2014
Low carbon energy futures 3rd Feb 2014
Controversies online 27th Jan 2014