11 May 2017

Dr Eugénia Rodrigues taking part in Pint of Science event in Edinburgh

Dr Rodrigues will be giving a talk on "How citizens are transforming science as we (used to) know it" on 16th May at Moriarty's Bar, 161 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH3 9AA (the event starts at 7.30pm).

Bookings can be made at https://pintofscience.co.uk/event/science-beyond-the-establishment

How citizens are transforming science as we (used to) know it

Eugenia Rodrigues (Dr)

Science is often thought of as an exclusive activity, reserved for those who have been trained to become experts. In this talk I will show how science is currently being developed and even transformed by the least likely candidate: ordinary citizens. Citizen Science claims to be ‘science by and for the people’, so what kind of scientific activity is this? Using examples from environmental initiatives I will discuss the scope for citizen engagement to offer a new paradigm for carrying out scientific investigations – a paradigm that can even lead us to re-think who controls the research agenda.