19 Dec 2017

STIS MSc students organise post-graduate debates for Semester 2

A group of postgraduate students of Management of Bioeconomy, Innovation and Governance (MBIG) and Science and Technology in Society (SaTiS) are organising a Postgraduate debate series next semester.

Postgraduate students from the Management of Bioeconomy, Innovation and Governance (MBIG) and Science and Technology in Society (SaTiS) programmes are organising a postgraduate debate series next semester. Master’s and PhD students from all disciplines within the School of Social and Political Science will be invited to engage in debates about contemporary topics every other Tuesday afternoon beginning 16th January. All debates will be held in Chrystal McMillan Building (CMB) Seminar Room 4 from 4-6pm.
Students will be divided into two groups of five people to debate against each other. Different SSPS programme lecturers will moderate the debates, and remaining students will serve as the audience and judges. Refreshments will be provided and there will be a chance for an informal chat with others after the debate.
Week 1 - 16th of January
Debate 1: Should genetic editing be allowed to remove diseases?
Debate 2: Are governments over-exaggerating the threat of terrorism to extend the limits of their own power?
Week 3 - 30th of January
Debate 1: Is the Zimbabwe coup going to improve the living standards for the average Zimbabwean?
Debate 2: Is the Syrian revolution the natural conclusion of the Arab Spring?
Week 5 – 13th of February
Debate 1: Is automation the end of humanity?
Debate 2: Should all decisions require public engagement?
Week 7 – 27th of February
Debate 1: Is the Philippine drug war considered a violation of human rights?
Debate 2: Is nuclear fusion a better alternative to sustainability than wind, solar, and hydroelectricity?
Week 9 - 13th of March
Debate 1: Should governments control their population growth?
Debate 2: Is nationalism toxic?