14 Mar 2017

TRANSGENE website now live

The project Medical Translation in the History of Modern Genomics (TRANSGENE) has launched its website at www.stis.ed.ac.uk/transgene.

The project Medical Translation in the History of Modern Genomics (TRANSGENE) has launched its website atwww.stis.ed.ac.uk/transgene. The project investigates how medical translation of genome sequence information was envisaged during the mapping and sequencing of the human, yeast and pig genomes, and how this envisaged translation shaped the collection, organisation and dissemination of the data.

The project began in October 2016 and is sponsored by a starting grant of the European Research Council. The project staff – Miguel Gancia-Sancho (Principal Investigator), James Lowe (Research Fellow), Giuditta Parolini (Research Fellow) and Mark Wong (Research Assistant) – is engaged in archival research, collection of oral histories, and bibliometric analysis. By combining these methodologies, the project hopes to offer insights that will improve the translation of genomic information into medical, agricultural or other practical outcomes today.