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I am an interdisciplinary research fellow with a background in land management, renewable energy engineering and energy governance.  I am currently working on a UKERC project investigating the use of customer engagement strategies in the regulation of monopoly energy networks and how customer engagement may need to be framed for an increasingly decentralised energy system.

Research Interests

Sustainability Climate change and energy policy Behaviour Change Interventions Decentralisation energy justice Regulation and innovation

Research Overview

My research is primarily concerned with the governance of local and regional energy systems.  I am investigating the role of regulation in meeting the UK net-zero target which will require an increase in trust from customers towards the energy industry and institutions to ensure a fair and just transition.

Current Projects

UKERC Theme 2 - Local and regional energy systems: Investigating regulatory governance for decentralisation

Completed Projects

IGov2 - Innovation for future energy systems (PhD funding)

UKERC mini project - Governance for disruption and continuity

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Dr Helen Poulter has not added any PhD activity to this section yet.

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