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Dr Niall Kerr


Research Fellow - Energy Policy Effectiveness


Science Technology and Innovation Studies

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B.6 Chisholm House

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Edinburgh, UK


I am an interdisciplinary energy researcher with a background in social and political science, and economics. I currently works as the Research Fellow on the 'Energy Policy Effectiveness' project at the University of Edinburgh and the ClimateXChange research agency, carrying out systematic evidence reviews on questions relevant to Scottish energy policy.

Research Interests

Climate change and energy policy Built environment Policy effectiveness Cognitive dissonance

Research Overview

My research has considered some of the social and political aspects of efforts to energy efficiently retrofit existing buildings. I have considered the different political rationales for energy efficiency policy in different countries, the different narratives of home energy renovators and the overall public and private investment cases for energy efficiency (see publications). See Publications

Previous research has related to modelling the economics of low carbon transitions and the development of low-cost pathways for lowering carbon emissions in city regions. The Economics of Low Carbon Cities work involved projects in various UK cities and the development of a new method for the first Climate Smart Cities project in Kolkata, India (see reports).

Additional research has considered the ex-post evaluation of energy savings from an energy efficient retrofit scheme in Kirklees, England, and the trial of a revolving fund model for financing retrofit schemes (see publications).
I am a purposefully interdisciplinary researcher, generally interested in the political, social and economic aspects of transition to a more sustainable society.

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Peer-reviewed publications

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