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Laura Meagher PhD has spent over 30 years working in the US and the UK with and within research and higher education institutions, along with industry and government, focussing on strategic change. As an independent consultant, Meagher enjoys creativity, complexity and diversity in her work. She has worked with fields ranging from the creative arts to photonics, in different sectors, on projects with diverse aims. She has catalysed and facilitated novel initiatives, often multi-sector, inter-institutional, international and/or interdisciplinary, so is keenly aware of challenges, issues and practical mechanisms. She has reviewed multi-faceted projects and evaluated funding schemes promoting complex changes such: as interdisciplinarity; impact generation; novel collaborations including multi-institutional alliances and international ventures; career development/capacity-building; knowledge exchange, spinouts or economic development.  Clients have included: universities; various UK Research Councils; the Royal Society; the British Academy; Defra; the Forestry Commission; Scottish Government; and others.

Meagher combines a commitment to rigorous analysis with keen sensitivity to subtle processes. Similarly, she combines an appreciation of differences in perspective with constructive exploration of how they might be integrated to achieve new joint aims.

Meagher shares analyses and insights on interdisciplinarity and impact evaluation through publications, reports and masterclasses – as well as through serving as a ‘critical friend’ for leaders of complex initiatives. She also designs, facilitates and distils results from future-oriented brainstorming workshops, focus groups and retreats for individuals with differing perspectives.

Career Highlights

  • Interdisciplinary PhD, Zoology Department, Duke University – in evolutionary biology, but dissecting ‘dynamics of scientific revolution’ as catalysed by Darwin
  • Moved into science policy, working with Governor and his Science Advisor, North Carolina – ‘between science and the outside world’
  • Co-founder & first VP, pioneering state-wide biotechnology centre – catalysing multiple collaborations and emerging fields, as well as economic development measurable in significantly increased tax revenues and quality jobs for North Carolina
  • Research dean, Rutgers University, New Jersey – interdisciplinary, inter-sector, inter-institutional, international initiatives
  • Fulbright, University of Edinburgh – ‘institutional change’
  • Moved to Scotland 1999; Re-established consultancy, Technology Development Group, on strategic change in research and in HE – facilitating and evaluating interdisciplinarity and impacts of research programmes and funding schemes
  • Public service in UK:  2009-2018 Member, Macaulay Development Trust (Chair, 2009-2010); 2011-2016 Member, Board of Governors, the James Hutton Institute;  2005-2011 Member, Board of Governors, the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute;  2005-2010 Member, Board of Directors, Newbattle Abbey College

Research Interests

Interdisciplinary research and education Impact evaluation and generation Evaluation of complex initiatives Novel capacity-building International collaboration

Dr Laura Meagher has not added any teaching activity to this section yet.
Dr Laura Meagher has not added any PhD activity to this section yet.

Selected publications and reports

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Co-author with Catherine Lyall and colleagues, guides to various dimensions of interdisciplinarity: