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Science, Technology and Innovation Studies:



Our Students

Name Title Research Interests Contact Information
Dayana Ariffin anthropology and indigenous peoples,science in the Philippines,taxonomy of race,colonial science
Jim Baker Fire safety in buildings,Sociology of fire safety  University e-mail: Personal e-mail:
Justyna Bandola-Gill Policy construction,Knowledge transfer/exchange,Policy learning,Knowledge production,Evidence & experts in policy,Research impact,Science policy,Knowledge mobilisation,Politics of knowledge,Knowledge brokers,Scientific advice,Impact agenda,Knowledge in policy
Sara Bea Science and technology studies,feminist technoscience,Material Semiotics,inventive methods,ethnography,Organ and tissue donation,Bioengineered Medical Futures,Regenerative Medicine,iPS cellular biotechnology,Nonhuman Animal Studies,Genetic Engineering
Diana Carolina Velasco Malaver National system of innovation,Systems of Innovation,Policing  447827414244
Sergio Orozco-Echeverri Philosophy of science,History of science,Sociology of Knowledge,The Scientific Revolution,Early Modern Science and Philosophy,Science and Religion,Laws of nature  +44 (0) 7986820897
Evi Giannatou Socio-legal Study,Open Content Licensing,Digital Copyright,Creative Industries
Leah Gilman Reproduction and assisted conception,Sociology of the family and kinship,Altruism and donation,Sex & Gender,Gift discourses,Medical sociology,Bodies and identity,Research ethics
Owais Golra Interactive Learning and Innovation,Dynamic Capability,Absorptive Capacity,technological capabilities,Global Value Chains,Knowledge System,Knowledge exchange,innovation systems and theory,theory of firm learning,industrial clustering and proximity  +44(0)7563557556
Javier Guerrero-C The war on drugs,Technology and society,Outlaw Innovation,Narcosubmarines,Security
Barbara Haward History of Occupational Health,Emergence of Health and Safety at work 1840 - 1930,Workers compensation,Workplace disease,Medical sociology
Eva Maria Hoffmann  +44 (0) 131 651 3207
Bill Jenkins History of science,Pre-Darwinian evolutionary theories,Science and religion in 19th-century Britain,History of the plurality of worlds debate
No Photo Thokozani Kamwendo My research interests are the formation of disciplines and claims to scientificity. I am also interested in questions about rationality and the dynamics of scientific explanation.
Michael Kattirtzi sociology of scientific knowledge,Public participation,Behavioural Economics  M.Kattirtzi[AT]
Rhodri Leng Scientometrics,Sociology of Scientific Knowledge,Philosophy of Science,Citation Network Analysis,Social Network Analysis,Research Bias,Citation Bias,Public Health Policy,Science-based Policy,History of Medical Science,Public Policy  +447958146337
No Photo Mareike L├╝hrs Energy Systems,Energy policy,Decentralisation
Valentina Marcheselli ethnography,Sociology of Knowledge,Astrobiology,Biomedical knowledge(s), practices and technologies  V.Marcheselli[at]
Hung The Nguyen Information Infrastructure Studies,Digital Copyright Exchange,Social consequences of technological change
Natalia Nino Science and technology,Standars and Classification,Medical Anthropology
Meritxell Ramirez-i-Olle Sociology of Knowledge,sociology of scientific knowledge,Paleoclimatology,trust,scepticism,Research methods,Politics of climate change science
George Papamichail
Pattamaporn Prachomrat National system of innovation
Mason Robbins Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies,Politics of Football,IR and Middle East,Diplomacy,Big Data Analytics,Ranking Systems,Football and IT Companies,Microsoft,Deloitte,Real Madrid,Spanish Football,Sports Management  +44 (0)745 025 5096
Abel Villa Science and technology studies,agriculture,Global Value Chains,technological capabilities,innovation networks,organic agriculture,Cooperation and Value creation,Small-scales farmers  07983139345
No Photo Karina E Romo Medrano M
Hyojung Sun digital culture,Internet research,copyright issues,popular music,Creative Industries
Daniel Thorpe environmental politics,aerospace science and technologies,technopolitics,ethnography,Knowledge transfer/exchange,Sociology of Science & Technology,postcolonial science and technology studies,Situational analysis
Vasilis Tsiatouras Soviet Mathematics,Economic Anthropology,Economic Sociology,Organizational Studies,Sociocybernetics
Sara Valencia Clinical Trials,Clinical regulation,Knowledge transfer/exchange,Knowledge managment,Latin America,Shared Knowledge,Vaccines
Matjaz Vidmar Innovation,Innovation theory,Sectoral Systems of Innovation,Systems of Innovation,Science and technology,Knowledge transfer/exchange,Anthropology of Knowledge,Institutional knowledge production and practices,Knowledge managment,Entrepreneurship,Business Incubation,Space,aerospace science and technologies,Policy  +44 (0)131 668 8461
Michel Wahome Technology and society,Innovation,Kenya,sustainable development
Xiaona Wang Intellectual History of Science,History of science and medicine,The Scientific Revolution,Science and religion
Alison Wheatley donor insemination,gamete donation,denmark,gender,Masculinities
Valeri Wiegel Technology and Innovation Studies,Biography of Artefact,Social Shaping of Technology,Social Learning,Information Infrastructures
Chris Mellingwood Communication theories,sociology of scientific knowledge,public understanding of science,narrative and metaphor,Engineering studies,Science and technology studies,Biotechnologies  c.r.mellingwood[at]
Chihwei Yeh Discourse & rhetoric studies,Representation of science,Social relations of curiosity-driven research,Historical and political construction of big physics  +44 (0) 131 651 4274
Giorgos Zoukas Sociology of Scientific Knowledge,Science Communication,Internet Studies  G.Zoukas[AT]