PhD Students

Name PhD Title
Dayana Ariffin
Rosalind Attenborough Scientific openness: a new epistemic virtue?
Jim Baker 'Suitable and Sufficient: UK Regulation of Post-construction Fire Safety
Rodrigo Liscovsky Barrera Collaborate or perish: a multi-level social network analysis of scientific internationalisation in Latin America using a combination of methods in STS
Kate Bowell "Narratives on Display: The History of Science and Technology Exhibit Labels at National Museums Scotland"
Sophie Buijsen Knowing Sex: A qualitative study of the knowledge practices and experiences of teenage girls in Scotland and the Netherlands.
Fiona Coyle Mitigating Modification: Understanding the Societal and Ethical Implications of the Regulation of New and Emerging Biomedical Technologies in the UK Context 2006-2018
Andrés Domínguez Distributed Infrastructuring and Innovation: Exploring User Involvement in Decentralised Internet of Things networks
Nathalie Dupin The Influence of Interdisciplinary Training on the Next Generation of Scientists
Sergio Orozco-Echeverri How do planets find their way? Laws of nature and the transformations of knowledge in the scientific revolution
J. Antonio Ballesteros Figueroa Analysing the black box of indicators: An STS approach to the construction of environmental knowledge
Vassilis Galanos Towards an Empirical Investigation of Expectations in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Avoiding Pitfalls of Polarised Foresight [susceptible to change]
Owais Golra Understanding the Learning and Innovation in Textile Sector in Pakistan
José David Gómez Urrego Time, Expectations and the Future in Action in Ecuador's Yachay
Barbara Haward Telegraphists' Cramp: the emergence and disappearance of an occupational disease between 1875 and 1930.
Anna Kuslits
Rhodri Ivor Leng Citations Practices and the Shaping of Scientific Knowledge:Citation network analysis, selective citation, and the diet–heart paradigm.
Mareike Lührs
Valentina Marcheselli
George Papamichail
Mason Robbins The Revenue League: An examination of how Deloitte and KPMG are building the €1 Billion annual revenue generating football club.
Alvaro Saez
Simone Sambento Multidisciplinary Collaborations in Cave and Karst Environments
Liam Anfield Simmonds
Andrey M. Elizondo Infrastructuring Data Integration Between Multiple Socio-Technical Contexts of Care
Sophie Stone
Daniel Thorpe Unbundling "Indigenous" Space Capability: Actors, Policy Positons and Agency in Geospatial Information Science in Southwest Nigeria
Matjaz Vidmar "New" Space Industry and Innovation
Michel Wahome
Xiaona Wang
Chris Mellingwood Amphibious Researchers: working with laboratory automation in synthetic biology