PhD Students

Name PhD Title
Dayana Ariffin
Rosalind Attenborough Scientific openness: a new epistemic virtue?
Jim Baker 'Suitable and Sufficient: UK Regulation of Post-construction Fire Safety
Rodrigo Liscovsky Barrera Collaborate or perish: a multi-level social network analysis of scientific internationalisation in Latin America using a combination of methods in STS
Sara Bea No Heroics, Please: Mapping Deceased Donation Practices in a Catalan Hospital
Fiona Coyle Mitigating Modification: Understanding the Societal and Ethical Implications of the Regulation of New and Emerging Biomedical Technologies in the UK Context 2006-2018
Diana Carolina Velasco Malaver
Andres Dominguez DIY Infrastructuring: exploring innovation and implementation of decentralized networks in the Internet of Things
Nathalie Dupin The Influence of Interdisciplinary Training on the Next Generation of Scientists
Sergio Orozco-Echeverri How do planets find their way? Laws of nature and the transformations of knowledge in the scientific revolution
J. Antonio Ballesteros Figueroa Analysing the black box of indicators: An STS approach to the construction of environmental knowledge
Vassilis Galanos Towards an Empirical Investigation of Expectations in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Avoiding Pitfalls of Polarised Foresight [susceptible to change]
Evi Giannatou
Leah Gilman
Owais Golra Understanding the Learning and Innovation in Textile Sector in Pakistan
José David Gómez Urrego Time, Expectations and the Future in Action in Ecuador's Yachay
Javier Guerrero-C
Barbara Haward Telegraphists' Cramp: the emergence and disappearance of an occupational disease between 1875 and 1930.
Eva Maria Hoffmann
Bill Jenkins
Michael Kattirtzi A History of Social Research in DEFRA and DECC: 2001- present
Anna Kuslits
Rhodri Ivor Leng On Evidence and Controversy
Mareike Lührs
Valentina Marcheselli
Hung The Nguyen
Natalia Nino Growing Right: WHO Child Growth Standards Development and Adoption
Meritxell Ramirez-i-Olle
George Papamichail
Pattamaporn Prachomrat Public sector R&D and innovation in an emerging country: An analysis of knowledge flow and linkages between public and private sectors in the Thai National System of Innovation
Mason Robbins The Revenue League: An examination of how Deloitte and KPMG are building the €1 Billion annual revenue generating football club.
Abel Villa
Karina E Romo Medrano M
Alvaro Saez
Simone Sambento Multidisciplinary Collaborations in Cave and Karst Environments
Liam Anfield Simmonds
Andrey M. Elizondo Infrastructuring Data Integration Between Multiple Socio-Technical Contexts of Care
Sophie Stone
Hyojung Sun
Daniel Thorpe Unbundling "Indigenous" Space Capability: Actors, Policy Positons and Agency in Geospatial Information Science in Southwest Nigeria
Vasilis Tsiatouras Mathematics and the USSR: Organising a Discipline
Sara Valencia A model to study the flow and use of knowledge in Outsourced Knowledge Intensive projects: A multi-case study of three vaccine clinical trials in Latin America Countries researched: Colombia, Brazil and Mexico
Matjaz Vidmar "New" Space Industry and Innovation
Michel Wahome
Xiaona Wang
Alison Wheatley
Valeri Wiegel
Chris Mellingwood
Chihwei Yeh
Giorgos Zoukas