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José David Gómez Urrego

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Science, Technology & Innovation Studies

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Edinburgh, UK

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MSc Science and Technology in Society The University of Edinburgh (2014-2015). Dissertation on: “A critical comparison of the Strong Programme in the Sociology of Scientific Knowledge model of perception with a Predictive Processing approach to cognition; what can they contribute to each other´s models of the mind, the perceptual system and the influence of social factors in perception?.” Main Supervisor Dr Gill Haddow.

B.A.  Sociology specializing in development - PUCE Quito, Ecuador (2007-2013). Dissertation on ““The observation of the observers; the mass media in Niklas Luhmann's systems theory”.

Awards and Funding

PhD Science and Technology Studies funded by the Ecuadorian State office for Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (SENESCYT)  (100%) 3 years

Master in Science and Technology in Society MSc, funded by the Ecuadorian State office for Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (SENESCYT) 1 year

Research Interests

Sociology of knowledge and science time and temporality Sociology of expectations and futures Technology and society Ecuador Social cognition of self and others sociotechnical system change oral history

Research Activities

Research Assistant, 2013, PUCE- Faculty of Human Sciences- School of Sociology. Research work by Dr. Natalia Sierra on the concept of Culture and Public Health framed in Ecuador's National Constitution of 2008. Development of the conceptual framework of the project around the historical-social construction of the concepts of culture, public health and constitution.

Research and data processing, 2012, THINK - Innovative Knowledge. Researcher and executor for the development of the Emprende Ecuador program database. National survey of information for the EmprendeEcuador database for the MCPEC.

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PhD Title

Time, Expectations and the Future in Action in Ecuador's Yachay

PhD Supervisors

Professor Robin Williams

Dr Miguel Garcia-Sancho

PhD Overview

My PhD. explores the early stages of Yachay, an innovation system-technocity project in construction that can change Ecuador’s economic and social history forever, focusing on the multiple roles time plays in shaping, coordinating social actors and promoting cooperation and how these process ae observed within multiple historical timeframes. Time is starting to be taken intensively in account in the social sciences; the STS have focused on the multiple ways in which the future is used to shape and is shaped by techno scientific projects. Within this frame, expectations and promissory work have been characterized as key resources in generating a multiplicity of effects and playing a wide diversity of performative roles around the design, organization, legitimation and materialization of these projects. Even so, scholars have been called to generate more precise and reflexive accounts of promissory work, enabling specific characterization and differentiation regarding their dissimilar effects, accountability and the types of work involved. This research intends to develop this principle and to contribute critically to the field through the combination of insights from the STS, social thought around time and History in order to understand more robustly a case of study coming from a region traditionally over-looked by the STS. Yachay, a state-led futuristic ecological Technocity being currently constructed in the Andean region of Ecuador that embodies a variety of economic, cultural and political narratives and situates together a variety of heterogeneous actors with particular historical trajectories, motivations and temporalities. This research will focus on understanding the complex interactions of all these elements through an interdisciplinary approach using both ethnographic work and historical analysis through interviews, participatory observation and document analysis. Focusing on the specific ways in which the configuration and uses of pasts, presents and futures are both being shaped and shaping the project in multiple time frames across actors, interactions and collectives. 

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