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STIS Energy Policy Group

We are an interdisciplinary group of researchers working on energy policy as part of Science Technology and Innovation Studies (STIS), in the School of Social and Political Science (SSPS) at the University of Edinburgh. 

The team

Mark Winskel is Chancellor’s Research Fellow on Energy Innovation in the Science, Technology and Innovation Studies research group. His current research includes scenario analysis of UK energy system change for the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC).

Ronan Bolton is Lecturer in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies. His work examines the interconnected policy, market and regulatory challenges of transforming carbon based energy systems and enabling the development of lower carbon energy infrastructure. Ronan has a particular interest in sustainability transitions research and the study of electricity market design processes.

Peter Zeniewski is Chancellor’s Fellow – Energy and Society. Peter has a background in politics, sociology and philosophy, and is interested in employing multi-disciplinary perspectives to analyse contemporary energy challenges - in particular those related to energy security. Peter has worked with techno-economic energy system models to explore the impact of a low-carbon transition on energy security, and is currently developing a conceptual framework to understand security's place in the energy trilemma. 

Niall Kerr is an interdisciplinary energy researcher with a background in social and political science, and economics. Niall is currently working as the Research Fellow on the 'Energy Policy Effectiveness' project, developing a dedicated method of evidence review for Scottish energy policy assessment.

Mareike Luhrs is a PhD student in Science and Technology Studies researching how the concept of energy decentralisation developed within Scottish energy policy. The research is based on three qualitative case studies, each touching on a different aspect of the energy system using document analysis and interviews, including a focus on Scotland’s Energy Strategy (2017) as a recent example of integrating energy policy. Mareike is especially interested in exploring the development of ideas in policy making and has a background in Ecological Economics and European Studies. Her research, receives a joint studentship from ClimateXChange and UKERC.

Harry Moncreiff is an Early Stage Researcher working on the Energy Systems in Transition (ENSYSTRA) project, which aims to develop state-of-the-art science of energy systems transition, scenario analysis and energy modelling tools with emphasis on interdisciplinary model collaboration. Focusing on the North Sea region, Harry is examining oil and gas company strategies in relation to low carbon energy and the role of policy and regulation in facilitating the reconfiguration and repurposing of existing energy infrastructure. Harry's research draws from and develops theories in innovation studies and science and technology studies to analyse in an integrated way the technological, organizational and political processes which are reshaping the boundaries between the traditional fossil fuel and the renewables-based energy industries