Research Projects

Project Name Project Lead
Across Scales in Energy Decision Making (ASCEnD)

Edinburgh Co-I: Dr Mark Winskel; Edinburgh PDRA: Niall Kerr, STIS Group


Ronan Bolton 

Developing a methodological toolkit for assessing transformative digital technologies in the construction industry

Faye Wade

Energy Policy Effectiveness in Scotland

Dr Mark Winskel

Energy Systems in Transition Innovative Training Network (ENSYSTRA)

Ronan Bolton & Mark Winskel

How is the construction sector anticipating and managing new skills for ‘transformative digital technologies’?

Faye Wade

Integration of Power Transmission Grids

Ronan Bolton

Reframing Energy Demand: Innovation for Sustainable Heat (REDish)
Retrofitting Scotland’s buildings: constructing a method for investigating the role of sub-contracting supply chains and delivery partners

Faye Wade

Energy Pathways

Mark Winskel

UK Energy System Change: Mapping stakeholder views on Continuity and Disruption

PI: Dr Mark Winskel; PDRA: Dr Mike Kattirtzi, STIS Group, University of Edinburgh