Completed Projects

Project Name Project Lead
Exploring M-PESA in East Africa
Policy Innovation Systems for Clean Energy Security
Highwaymen Running Business
A Sociology of Ballistic Missile Defence

Dr Graham Spinardi

China EU Information Technology Standards Research Partnership

Professor Robin Williams

The Social Study of the Information Technology Marketplace
Interdisciplinary Design and Evaluation of Dependability

Robin Williams

Scottish Living Lab

James Stewart

Making Innovation Dependable (MInD)

Luciana D'Adderio

The Role of Knowledge in the Construction and Regulation of Health and Education Policy in Europe
Use and Relevance of Web 2.0 Resources for Researchers
ISSTI Interdisciplinary Masterclasses

Catherine Lyall

Culture and Psychiatry

Dr Ivan Crozier

Psychiatry and Criminal Reponsibility

Dr Ivan Crozier

The Sexual Body in History and Society

Dr Ivan Crozier

Revolution in the Sky?

Graham Spinardi


Robin Williams


Emma Frow

Industrially Generated Red Blood Cells for Transfusion

Catherine Lyall

Interdisciplinary Provision in Higher Education

Catherine Lyall

Local Engagement in Energy Systems Development

Professor Janette Webb

Heat and the City

Janette Webb (PI; Sociology), Mark Winskel (Co-I; STIS)

Historicising Dolly

Miguel Garcia-Sancho

Stalking the Deep-fried Mars Bar

Christine Knight