ISSTI Interdisciplinary Masterclasses

Principal Investigator:

Catherine Lyall


This project was funcded by the ESRC’s Researcher Development Initiative (RDI).


This grant under the ESRC’s Researcher Development Initiative (RDI) aimed to improve the practice of interdisciplinary research between the social and natural sciences.

Drawing on ISSTI’s extensive experience in interdisciplinary research practice, Catherine Lyall and colleagues sought to formalise and codify researchers’ approach to the promotion, management and evaluation of interdisciplinary research and to share this knowledge with the wider ESRC research community.

Several masterclasses were developed with two distinct targets, aimed towards (i) post-doctoral researchers, giving them the tools they require to lead successful interdisciplinary project teams and (ii) towards graduate students embarking on interdisciplinary projects for the first time, as well as producing a handbook for conducting interdisciplinary research.


A range of outputs was produced including the series of Short Guides to Interdiscplinarity