Local Engagement in Energy Systems Development

Principal Investigator:

Professor Janette Webb

Research Team:

Dr Dave Hawkey and Mags Tingey


This research project is funded by the Energy Technologies Institute, and the UK Energy Research Centre.


This research project, funded by the Energy Technologies Institute, and with new funding from the UK Energy Research Centre, is providing the first systematic overview of local engagement in energy systems development.

Early findings show that almost one third (30%) of the UK’s 434 local authorities are actively planning, and investing in, local energy productivity and provision. Most of this activity is on a limited scale with only around 9% of UK authorities showing evidence of significant numbers of energy project investments.

The characteristics of these energy leaders indicate multiple routes into engagement, including economic regeneration, investment in housing upgrades and affordable warmth, energy and carbon saving, and energy from waste. We are also finding differential levels of engagement across the UK, with Scottish local authorities over-represented among the more active group.