Current Projects

Project Name Project Lead
An Infrastructure for Platform Technology in Synthetic Biology

Jane Calvert

Animal Machine and Me

Gill Haddow

Bodies of Knowledge

Fadhila Mazanderani

Business Models, Venture Capital and the Funding Gap in Regenerative Medicine

Joyce Tait

Citizen Science Initiatives and Participatory Research

Eugenia Rodrigues


Ronan Bolton 

Curious Edinburgh

Niki Vermeulen

Energy Pathways

Mark Winskel

Engaging with the Agri-Food Business Sector

Ann Bruce

Engineering Life

Jane Calvert

Implantable Microsystems for Personalised Anti-Cancer Therapy

Joyce Tait

Integrating Technical and Social Aspects of Fire safety Engineering Expertise

Robin Williams

Integration of Power Transmission Grids

Ronan Bolton

Investigating the Implementation, Adoption and Effectiveness of ePrescribing Systems in English Hospitals

Robin Williams

Learning Energy Systems

Robin Williams

Making Genomic Medicine

Steve Sturdy

Medical Translation in the History of Modern Genomics

Miguel Garcia-Sancho

Reframing Energy Demand

Janette Webb (PI; Sociology), Mark Winskel and Ronan Bolton (Co-Is; STIS) 

Regenerative medicine and its development and implementation

Joyce Tait

Text Mining Careers

Dr Gian Marco Campagnolo

The Politics of Monitoring

Steven Yearley

Diagnostic Innovation and Livestock (DIAL)

Henry Buller (University of Exeter)

The role of livestock in food system resilience in remote, upland regions (ResULTs)

Ann Bruce

Data & Football